The list of county champions is taken from the year of metrification. However, although we secured a national champion in that year (1969) the county championships were conducted over imperial distances and with imperial performances in the field events. This was undoubtedly due to there being no metric tracks within the county.

Thus champions are listed from 1970.

Where no champion is recorded either the event was not recorded or the event, particularly in more recent years, did not take place.

All championship best performances are highlighted. In track events all 1970 events are highlighted whilst in field events pre 1970 championship best performances were converted to metric and only new championship best performances achieved in that year are highlighted.

Early years’ championship performances in distance events were often recorded to the second whilst in 2006 the county was one of the first, if not the first, to introduce electronic timing accurate to 1/100th second. In 2017 there was no electronic timing.

2018 now included