Please contact the secretary if you have photographs you would like included in the gallery or, indeed, if you would like photographs removed.

Photographs supplied by colleagues and friends of the Association.

County XC 2012

SW XC 2012

Many thanks for these unsorted photos from a very wet Exeter  

SW XC 2011

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XC 2010

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ESAA XC 2012

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Championship Photos

The secretary receiving a presentation photograph from senior athletes, Blair Brown and Rachel Langbein, to mark their gratitude for his, and the Association’s, efforts in staging the ESAA XC championships.

ESAA Championships 2014

At Donington Park there was not  a photographer dedicated to our athletes as has been the case in recent championships.

Fortunately a close friend, and rival, of SSAA took as many of our athletes as possible. Thank you, Pete.  

They with other photos are in the gallery. This includes team photos taken at the Premier Inn.

Sophie Hamilton competed for England in the SIAB Cross-Country International in Bolton finishing 8th (6th England and scoring for the team).

The weather was very cold and at times extremely wet, with the rain being driven by a strong wind.

Race results on the ESAA website

 2014 XC photos from all events

County XC 2015

SW XC 2015

ESAA XC 2015

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2015 XC

ESAA XC 2013 SW  XC 2013 Catherine Blew (SSAA 2006 - 2011) winner of Women’s Home Countries Cross-Country International Rachel Langbein (SSAA 2007 - 2012) represented South of England u20 Llandeilo Oliver Fox - England Captain 6th SIAB International Llandeilo

SWSchAA  XC 2014

County XC 2013

ESAA XC 2016

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County XC 2016

SWSchAA XC 2016

County XC 2017

ESAA XC 2017

County XC 2018

John Flatters (SSAA XC Secretary 1973-1981) presenting Brian Baker (XC Secretary since 1995) with a commemorative plaque from 1981, the year SSAA first hosted the ESAA Track & Field Championships.

ESAA XC 2018

SSAA representatives at the 2018 SIAB XC Championships:

Emma Radford-James - England Team Manager

Joe Ponter - Junior Boy’s SIAB Champion

Tom Heal - Junior Boy 14th

Jo Pike - England Team Manager