A particular warm Welcome to the many new visitors to the website: to the young students who are embarking upon their athletic career within the County and to the many visitors from countries around the world.

The Association has a long and highly successful history. It was established in 1926 and is the sixth smallest County Association, by pupil population, affiliated to the ESAA.

The Association hosts championships and organises teams to regional and national championships in track and field, cross-country, combined events and race walking.

This website is packed with historical data, eg County Track & Field Champions and important information for the many championships hosted or attended in the current season.

The website contains over 150 pages; these can be accessed in a variety of ways:

Website: information and use

the page currently being viewed has a red font

whilst all navigation bar tabs contain information

First level tabs (above) contain overview information

Second level tabs (right) which drop down from the first level tabs

contain more specific information

of particular note are:

AGM reports listing success from previous years

Gallery displaying championship photographs

Results listed from previous years

Third level tabs (below) which flow right of the second level tabs

contain very specific information

these are designed for touch screens

lead quickly to important pages

which are updated regularly

pages that have been updated are listed here

the pages can be accessed directly from the list

on the Home Page and particularly within the Gallery pages photo albums can be accessed via the photos

this navigation invariable leads to highly specific information far too detailed to be included in other navigation systems

For example -

event county champions

regional and national success during a particular year

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