Officials & Helpers

Athletic championships, whether they are Cross-Country, Track & Field or Combined Events, require contributions from many to make the event a success.

Our championships invariably see many hundreds of competitors competing in a single day; consequently the number of qualified officials, ably assisted by helpers, needs to be large.

The 2019 championships are listed, below, with a brief explanation.

Our events really do comply with the two adages:

If you feel you are able to help in any way at  SSAA Championships please complete the form at the foot of the page.

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2019 Championships:

19th January - County Cross-Country Championships

These championships see runners from the four areas within the County returning once again to the picturesque yet challenging Aldon Hill parkland in Yeovil. The longest race is 6000m and the shortest 2500m with most of the courses easily viewed by spectators.

Each area enters 20 athletes in the 8 age groups giving a maximum of 640 competitors! Although the first race is at 2.00pm with all races completed 2 hours later, the event requires many marshals to ensure each athlete competes in safety.

27th April - Day one of the County Combined Events Championships

28th April - Day two of the County Combined Events Championships

These championships, at Millfield School, are hosted jointly by SSAA and SCAA and cater for all age groups. The number of competitors is usually in excess of 300 making it almost certainly the largest Combined Events Championships in Europe if not the World!

Each action packed day starts at 10.30am and hopefully competition ends at 5.30pm.

These ‘Friendly Championships’ are characterized by athletes helping each other complete their day’s events.

5th June - Junior Track & Field Championships

This event is specifically for Year 7 and Year 8 athletes competing within their age group. It takes place at The Bill Whistlecroft Athletics Arena, Yeovil with the first event at 1.30pm and the last scheduled for 5.15pm.

All track and field events for these two age groups are offered. Entries are received from schools who enter either large teams or talented individual athletes. Consequently there are usually more the 500 young athletes taking part.

With inexperienced young athletes, many competing on a synthetic surface for the very first time, many officials and additional helpers are needed to allay apprehensions and facilitate the events smooth running.

8th June - County Track and Field Championships

The Association’s showpiece championships, at  The Bill Whistlecroft Athletics Arena, will see some 500 athletes representing their areas all hoping to be selected to represent the county at the South-West Championships and then the ESAA National Championships. All events (94) for the 6 age groups are fiercely contested in what is an action packed day.

The day’s main programme starts at 11.00am (one field event usually starts at 10.30 to ease event congestion) and the day’s final event is at 5.00pm. The timetable is tightly dovetailed requiring many officials and helpers to enable the day to run efficiently and smoothly.

Regional Events outside the County

15th June - South-West Track and Field Championships

Again the championships are being organised by Devon Schools AA at The Exeter Arena.

The South-West Schools AA is the only formally organised regional schools association and as such these championships are second only to the ESAA National Championships. A full compliment will see 650 of the region’s best athletes compete in all events.

Competition usually starts at 11.00am and runs through to 5.30pm and requires many officials and helpers.

22rd June - Day one of the South-West Combined Events Championships

23th June - Day two of the South-West Combined Events Championships

This year’s championships are being hosted by Devon Schools AA at  The Exeter Arena.

For individual athletes their weekend’s activity is packed closely as they move through their events. But unlike the County Championships this event sees a restricted number of athletes represent their county and thus the days are relaxed, particularly if officials remain with an age group and share the athletes’ success.

The days’ programme usually start at 11.00am and finish at 6.00pm.

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