A particular warm Welcome to the many new visitors to the website: to the young students who are embarking upon their athletic career within the County and to the many visitors from countries around the world.

The Association has a long and highly successful history. It was established in 1926 and is the sixth smallest County Association, by pupil population, affiliated to the ESAA.

The Association hosts championships and organises teams to regional and national championships in track and field, cross-country, combined events and race walking.

This website is packed with historical data, eg County Track & Field Champions and important information for the many championships hosted or attended in the current season.

Somerset is classed as a ‘C’ Group County which is determined by the number of students on role and previous years’ success, the last calculation taking place in 2016 when 4 county groupings were established. We are the 6th smallest county of the 46 affiliated to the ESAA.

At all national championships individual athletes compete against other individual athletes for the title of ‘national champion’.

Within cross-country and combined events all county teams are competing to be national team champion within each age group.

At the track and field championships county teams are competing against other teams from within their group to be national group team champion within each age group.

At the cross-country championships county teams are also competing to be overall group team champion.

As a ‘C’ Group team we are allowed to take 32 athletes to the track and field championships (‘A’ group take 70 athletes, ‘B’ group 40 athletes, ‘D’ group 24 athletes). All teams take 48 athletes to the cross-country championships whilst the number of representatives to combined events and walking championships is determined by performances at the regional championships.

A larger county is ‘doubly’ stronger as it has more students from which to select a larger team! Statistically, therefore, we ought to be gaining a national champion once every two years ....

The first English Schools National Track and Field Championships took place in 1925 and in the following year Somerset Schools’ Athletic Association was formed. First success was seen in the following year with a win in the boys 100 yards.

In later years the championships were expanded:

1950: Under 16 year olds introduced

1952: Junior, Intermediate and Senior Age Groups; Major and Minor counties          formulated necessitating a two day championships

1960: First National Boys Cross-Country Championships

1968: First National Girls Cross-Country Championships

1969: Metrification Introduced

1974: Girls Race Walking Introduced

1975: Minor County replaced by 'C' Group 30 athletes allowed to national track and field

1988: Combined Events Introduced

1995: 'C' Group decreased to 25 athletes

1998: Minimum age of 14 to national championships

2000: Maximum age of 18 to national championships

2017: New County Groupings - ‘C’ Group increased to 32 athletes