The following tributes have been paid to Bill:

Extract from 2013 Coaching Report:

Without question this report, conveniently the last I give at this year’s AGM, is the most poignant.


Regularly during the planning of our coaching courses we met at Bill’s to be welcomed by a wide spread of piping hot food from his own recipes. He would delight in explaining how each course was either made or bought at a knock-down price, usually at Lidl. There was always pickle, usually his very unique piccalilli, wine of which he enthusiastically outlined its origins, a large fruit bowl, for Dick and a cheese board, for me. The meal took twice as long as the coaching discussion but we left secure in the knowledge that we knew what our tasks were, that the next course would be successful and that we would meet again.

Little did we know our November meal would be the last!


Next year’s courses will not be attended by one sorely missed, highly influential stalwart of schools’ athletics whose insight and commitment must never be forgotten.